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A Modelscouting and Management is a modeling agency founded in 2016. The first office of the agency is located in the City of Plovdiv/Bulgaria. We, at A Modelscouting and Management, are interested in working with professional models from Europe, Asia, North and South America by managing and mediating in the establishment of short-term and long-term professional contacts with partner agencies from the US, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Milan, Istanbul, Paris, Thailand, India, and others. Priority of A Modelscouting and Management is the safety of the models during on-stay periods in booking agencies. That is why we are strictly monitoring and selecting the agencies, which we are going to be in a partnership with.

We at A Modelscouting and Management understand that the key to success is the absolute professionalism, dedication, loyalty and responsibility to the commitments made. Therefore, during the short time of our work we have established excellent business relationship not only with satisfied customers and partner agencies, but also with the models that we represent. We have established a reputation of an agency which aspires to professional and high quality satisfaction of the criteria of the customers. We – A Modelscouting and Management, realize that this can be achieved only and exclusively with perseverance of the high criteria set in the selection, management and development of our models.

A Modelscouting and Management is a MotherAgency and actively working on the international market by scouting not only experienced professional models, but also beginner models. By setting high standards in the beginning we contribute to the development of the model and to the expansion of his/her portfolio. A Modelscouting and Management as wellas known Mother Agency is focused on the development of the potential of the models who have the desire and intention to work on the international model market in the fashion industry only as models. The upcoming collaboration with scouts in Paris, New York and Milan will make us even more relevant among our colleagues in the industry relying on the professional attitude and criteria in the selection, development and validation of the models during their career.

In close collaboration with local photographers, makeup artists and media, A Modelscouting and Management is taking care of the constant expansion of the portfolio of the models whom we are working with in the relevant country.


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